teRra handmade bamboo artist paint palette with 12 handmade watercolour paints – Lush set


Twelve of my favourite paint colours in a gorgeous handmade bamboo paint palette. Comes with a single ceramic mixing pot.  This is the set you want if you are stuck on a deserted island!

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The teRra series – part of the “creative soul collection” including ceramic and bamboo palettes, artist accessories and handmade watercolour paints.

This is a 2 piece set it includes a bamboo paint palette with 12 handmade watercolour paints,  and one small round ceramic mixing dish.

Each round paint well in the palette is the same volume as a quarter pan (1 millilitres), (half of a half pan).

The palette includes a hand painted swatch card that is laminated for protection, with all of the colours listed on the reverse side.

The paints included in this set are:

(All paints are the highest artist quality and lightfast)

Bee witched – PY150 Nickel Azo Yellow, PR101 Mars Red – low granulation
Mystic melon – PY150 Nickel Azo Yellow, PR254 Pyrrole Red – low granulation
Pixie dust – PV19 Quinacridone Red, PB29 Ultramarine Blue – granulating
Cosmos – PB29 Ultramarine Blue, PG7 Phthalo Green – granulating
Heaven sent – PB15:3 Phthalo Blue, Pbk11 Mars Black – low granulation
Dancing queen – PR122 Quinacridone Magenta, PB29 Ultramarine Blue – granulating
Otherworld – PV16 Manganese Violet, PR102 Caput Mortuum, PY43 Orange Ochre – granulating
Hocus pocus – PY150 Nickel Azo Yellow, PG17 Chromium Green Oxide – granulating
Blush – PW6.1 Un-bleached titanium, PV19 Quin.Red
Twiggy – PBK11 Mars Black, PBr7 Raw Umber – granulating
Nocturne – PB29 Ultramarine Blue, PBr7 Bt Sienna – granulating
Titanium White – PW6

For all the information (including videos) on the entire range of paints and palettes head over to the teRra information page here.

BAMBOO PALETTE: Each palette is handcut/sawn and made by me.  They are finished with sandpaper and sealed with a penetrating oil of beeswax and citrus essences.  Then finished with a hard organic wax and polished. Each one has a brass hand stamped teRra plate on it. I have found these bamboo palettes to be highly water-resistant, and I have been using one for a long time with no effects from the water used when painting.  Each well is 1 millilitre in volume (which is about 2.5-3.5ml of wet paint)

Designed and made in Australia.


PALETTE DIMENSIONS – This is a handmade item so dimensions my deviate by a few mm.

L 14-15cm  (5.1/2-5 3/4 inches)
W 5-5.5cm (2-2.2 inches)
H 1.8 cm (0.7 inches)

CERAMIC MIXING DISH/POD: 5-6 cm Diameter (2-2.2 inches)

TOTAL WEIGHT: 150-160 grams

Your paint palette comes vacuum shrink wrapped to protect the paints from humidity and moisture..


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Please read the description above carefully and note the sizes etc. of the piece you are purchasing. Any props such as brushes etc. are not included unless specified.

Colors on your screen may vary slightly to colors in real life.

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