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Welcome to my online shop!

There is nothing like holding a hand crafted ceramic piece in your hands.  The feel of it, the surface texture, the weight, the form, the soul of the piece will speak to you!

This is why I create what I do, beautifully handmade pottery and ceramic items that speak to the soul.  I love to experiment with different surface treatments, textures, colours and designs.  Each of my creations is an individual artwork come to life via our mother earth’s gifts. Starting out as raw clay, then carefully molded, shaped and fired multiple times to achieve the finished joyful piece.  All materials are “of the earth”, the clay (dirt!), the glazes (glass) and the colours (earth pigments & oxides).

Each one-of-a-kind item is born either on the pottery wheel, cast from a handmade mold, or built carefully by hand. I make most of my own glazes and coloured slips for the decoration, and create in small batches, giving each item a unique & personal touch.

My inspiration comes from my own artwork, paintings, drawings and sketches.  I love bold colours, and also often I like a subtler, quieter tone to my work.  So you will find these qualities in my varied collections.

No two pieces are made exactly the same, each item is handmade with loving care. Due to the hand made process, each item varies in shape, form, glaze and hue.  These irregularities in the finish are part of the character of the pieces and to be embraced as part of the aesthetic of handmade.  It’s what makes them so lovely to hold and touch.

I work from my “art studio” and “pottery shed” here in my home on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.  My painted/drawn artworks and online classes can be found on my sister website here.

I currently ship my work within Australia and to the US, Canada and New Zealand.

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