teRra watercolour paint – the colour sets

When I started the teRra range I wanted to have a core set of colours that would always be available, so they could be added to and replaced over time. So there is a set of 15 “core colours” which you can read about below.  In addition I will be creating one off colours and smaller travel sets that you will find in the product pages of my store.

For the core set of palettes these are sets of 3, 6 and the full 15 colours.  I try to keep them all in stock in the shop but they often sell out.  So below you will find what is usually available.  If what you are after is not in the shop please sign up to my newsletter here to be alerted when new stock arrives.

Please watch the video further down for additional information on the available colour sets.

Trio sets

Each trio set of 3 paints includes different colours so that if, for instance, you purchase all 5 of the trio sets, you will then have a full set of the 15 colours.  Below you will find information on all of the sets plus some artworks I created using each set of 3.


Trio set 1

Trio set 2

Trio set 3

Trio set 4

Trio set 5

Six sets

There are currently 2 sets of six paints. They are both a combination of the sets of 3 from above.

Full set fifteen

terra handmade watercolour paints fifteen full set


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