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creative soul collection handmade artist tools jars and ceramic paint palettes

As an artist I love to create, and I also love the tools and equipment that I use to bring joy to my creative practice.

So naturally as a potter and ceramic artist I began to explore and experiment with making things I could use in my art studio.  The obvious items were brush jars and painting water jars, and of course lovely ceramic paint palettes!  And so the “creative soul” collection was born.

I just adore making ceramic palettes in all shapes and sizes.  As a fanatical watercolourist they are created to work with these lovely delicate paints.  It has been a few years now since my first palettes and jars were created and sent out into the world!

I have available three distinct ranges of tools and paints. Namely the Artisan Series, the Earthen Series and the teRra Series.

artisan series handmade artist tools paint jars and ceramic paint palettes

The Artisan Series is thus named mainly because of the colours and imagery that appear on this range.  I love to experiment with drippy gorgeous glaze colours and also I just adore using my own sketches and imagery.  You can see a selection from this series below.  To find what is currently available for sale just click here to go to the catalogue / shop page.

earthen series organic handmade artist tools jars and ceramic paint palettes

In addition to the Artisan Series I am just about to release a new more organic range which is the Earthen Series.  These are hand pinched and formed, little water jars and what I am calling “joy pods” for mixing your paints in.  This series will also include “paint pods” which are a round ceramic version of the traditional white plastic watercolour pans and half pans, they are just adorable.  These will all be made in natural earthy tones and feature speckled glazes. There will also be lovely hand formed ceramic paint palettes as part of this series. You can view the earthen range in stock here.

terra series handmade artist tools jars and ceramic paint palettes

Another range I launched in early 2023 is teRra, a selection of ceramic palettes and accessories complete with handmade watercolour paints. It has been quite a journey creating these lovely paints, a lot of research and experimentation went into the process, not to mention hard work making and mixing all the paints and pigments. You can find out all about teRra here.

teRra handmade watercolour paint and ceramic palettes

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