teRra watercolour paint – the colours

The teRra series of paints is comprised of 15 core colours.  Three each of: yellows, reds, blues, purples and greens. This page includes images of the colour swatches as well as videos, scroll down for all the info!

In addition to these 15 colours I make one off colours and sets for my “on the go” travel tins, you can find information on those sets in my shop product catalogue.

The colours

Each colour is made up of 2 pigments, and occasionally 3 pigments where I thought it was necessary to achieve the colour I wanted.  All pigments are lightfast.  Each swatch card lists the pigments used.  For more information on the pigments themselves the Handprint website is a great resource if you want to look up each pigment and its properties.  Most of the 15 are granulating and transparent colours. Refer to the detailed information on each colour in the table at the bottom of this page.

terra handmade watercolour paints 1 yellows

terra handmade watercolour paints 2 reds

terra handmade watercolour paints 3 blues

terra handmade watercolour paints 4 purples

terra handmade watercolour paints 5 greens


Shimmer paints

The shimmer paints, are what I call “additives”, they expand the basic core colours to add sparkle and shine!

I have created 3 “shimmers”, pot of gold, moonbeam, and stardust.  These are all lightfast and can be added to the main colours either into the wet paint on your palette, or on top of the dry paint on your paper.

When I was researching mica and shimmer pigments I found that around 90% of them are not lightfast (and I did my own tests in the hot Aussie sun to prove it).  As an artist that is not what I want!  SO I created these 3 paints to be added to your already lightfast colours, so they will also be lightfast.  (Most coloured shimmer paints that you can buy elsewhere are not lightfast and will fade very quickly.) 


Swatching the colours

The video below shows me swatching all the colours and adding “moonbeam” and “stardust” shimmer to some of the colours.


terra handmade watercolors sample swatches yellowsterra handmade watercolors sample swatches redsterra handmade watercolors sample swatches bluesterra handmade watercolors sample swatches purplesterra handmade watercolors sample swatches greens

Fifteen colours – pigments and properties

All the detail about each of my core colours can be found in the table below.

Click on the table below to open larger size, you can save it to your device or computer.

terra watercolour paints pigments and properties list 15 set general


To see what is currently available for sale visit the teRra shop catalogue page here.

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