teRra “on the go” tin – teeny – handmade watercolour paint – single colour – orange fizz


I just love those orange and pink colours that lean towards salmon in hue. Orange Fizz does just that, it’s a gorgeous luminous colour. This paint comes in a little pink “on the go” single tin.  Super cute and adorable.

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This is a cute little “teeny” tin that holds a single colour of one of my handmade watercolour paints.  The paint sits in a single ceramic well inside a pink aluminium screw top tin with a little clay logo on the top.  Single “Teeny” size.

These small single tins come in 3 options.  For the “Micro” and “Teeny” size the tins are the same size but they contain a ceramic palette that varies in volume.  “Mini Me” is a smaller tin. Please check all the information below, and the photos, to be sure of what you are purchasing.


I only make colours that I love!  I really wanted a lovely salmon orange so I created Orange Fizz.  It reminded me so much of those sherbet lollies we had when I was a kid.  This colour has so much personality it practically leaps off the paper.  It contains the pigment “Potters Pink” which could be why, as it’s an absolutely lovely super granulating pigment. In real life this colour is much more luminous than it looks in the photos.

Orange Fizz contains the following pigments:

Pyrrole Orange – PO73
Potters Pink – PR233 – granulating
Titanium white anatase – PW6

teRra handmade paints are hand-mulled on a glass slab in small batches, using the highest quality lightfast pigments, sourced from reputable professional art suppliers.  I only use the finest quality artist grade ingredients in my formulations, which comprises of the pigment, pure Gum Arabic and vegetable glycerine as the binder.


The small ceramic palette/well is fired in a kiln with a semi-gloss glaze.  Each one is handmade individually and is uniquely different so slight variations can occur, your item will be as close to the images shown that is possible with my handmade process.  Clay colour can be off white or tan.

Single teeny size. The round “well” is approx.  1.0 – 1.2 ml in volume. Just over half the amount in a traditional rectangular plastic half pan (2 millilitres).

DIMENSIONS – This is a handmade item so dimensions my deviate by a few mm.

Tin size (not including clay logo on top)
DxH – 3.5 x 1.8 cm (1 3/8 x 3/4 inches)  – just like a little lip balm tin!

WEIGHT: 20 grams


Your item will come vacuum wrapped to protect the paints from humidity and moisture.


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The teRra series – part of the “creative soul collection” including ceramic palettes, artist accessories and handmade watercolour paints.

Designed and made in Australia.


Please read the description above carefully and note the sizes etc. of the item you are purchasing. Any props such as brushes etc. are not included unless specified.

Colors on your screen may vary slightly to colors in real life.

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